Fun with XFN

Via Eric Meyer I see that XFN 1.1 has been released. I’ve updated my stylesheet accordingly; it’s quite a bit bigger because I chose to duplicate the 1.0 selectors rather than switch to CSS3 *= syntax. As noted in the original post, it’s largely theoretical: most people can’t use the CSS3 rules, and both CSS2 and CSS3 are made redundant by the last rule that overrides everything above.

Anyway, that’s not what this is about. What this is about is a bit of geek humour using the rel attribute.

All of the above are legal… that is, with respect to the specification! That’s not to say there aren’t some illegal combinations that you wouldn’t necessarily want to come across either.

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2 thoughts on “Fun with XFN

  1. Actually, I think that your “master debater” example doesn’t conform to the rules (“me” is exclusive of all other values). But it’s still funny 🙂

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