Come on Jian!

Come on Jian!

Poor Jianny G
Sounds sad upon the radio
‘Cause he isn’t in Londontario
Let your Frü flag fly
Come along, who’d blame ya?

Q‘s own, homegrown
Now I must say more than ever (come on Jian!)
A-E-O-L-I-A-N oh yeah
This is it, just what you’re after

Come on Jian, oh I swear when you’re on
It’s a moment unlike anything
With you at that mic, oh my thoughts, if you like
Verge on dirty, ah come on Jian

Come on Jian!

Some people out there
Think we’re boring, staid and unengaged
So resigned to what our fate is
But not us (no never), no not us (no never)
We are far too young and clever


A-E-O-L-I-A-N oh yeah
We’ll sing this song forever

Come on Jian, oh you know something’s wrong
Hit the road, man, we’ll do anything
Don’t be depressed, oh Jian tell us yes
Ah come on now, ah come on Jian, please

Come on Jian, RedCat will shoot
Come on Jian, coffee to boot
Windermere’s beds, rtraction’s webs
Oh, Jian

Music and art, come play a part
A forest of trees, and no BBT
Now I must say more than ever
Bring Q for a change
I said A-E-O-L-I-A-N oh yeah

Come on Jian, turn the radio on
In our city, it means everything
It’s our full court press, oh Jian tell us yes
Oh come on Q, and come on Jian

Come on Jian, oh I swear something’s wrong
If your program isn’t visiting
This song’s not the best, but we hope you’re impressed
Forest City, now come on Jian

To the tune of Come On Eileen. (But you knew that already.) With deep, sincere apologies to Dexys Midnight Runners, especially Kevin Rowland, “Big” Jim Paterson, and Billy Adams.