No sex please, we’re British

I am now the world’s number one authority on Beng@li p*rn sites. And Eth!opic p*rn sites.

Ian Hickson (aka Hixie)

So far the only thing I’m an authority on is me (which I guess is good). I’m amazed to see the lengths some people will go in searching for their terms, though; my logs show that I’m on page 30 for Chris Leavins, page 32 for Lark Voorhies, and page 49 for Christopher Mather (a combination that happens to appear on one of my brother’s family tree pages).

And the only reason I chose the title, other than Hixie’s quote, is that I saw a clever pun last night in a store window in Toronto, advising patrons of their policies: No sacs please, we’re British.

Photo of the sign

I modified Ian’s quote slightly this evening in the hopes that this page will soon disappear from searches for these terms.

2 thoughts on “No sex please, we’re British

  1. Well, that was quick. Five days after posting this quote of Ian’s, he’s still the number one reference, and I’m *gasp* number two. The Semantic Web can’t come fast enough….

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