WordPress extendedPing bug?

According to the weblogs.com XMLRPC ping API, the parameters to weblogUpdates.extendedPing are as follows, in order:

  • name of site
  • URL of site or RSS feed
  • the url of the page to be checked for changes
  • the URL of an RSS, RDF, or Atom feed
  • a name (or “tag”) categorizing your site content (optional)

However, WordPress sends only three parameters: site name, site URL, and RSS URL. This can be seen below:

$client->query('weblogUpdates.extendedPing', get_option('blogname'), $home, get_bloginfo('rss2_url') )

In other words, the page to be checked for changes (which most software fills with the new or updated permalink) is instead filled with the feed URL, and the feed URL is not provided at all.

This bit of code seems to be in all recent versions of WordPress; b2 was apparently okay. I’ve only been able to find one page that even suggests it’s a bug. Have all of the ping services out there just accepted this and worked around it? Or does WordPress wind up sending two pings (a failed extendedPing followed by a normal two-parameter ping) for every attempt?

2 thoughts on “WordPress extendedPing bug?

  1. thats a not so well known bug… funny thing is, the ping services doesnt care much about the “changes url”… i try at the moment very hard to find out for what the “changes url” really is… because if you ping like 20 different services they all requesting other urls… google takes the correct RSS url link and most of the feed bots trying to request the direct link (second link in the arguments list) or the changes link (third link in the arguments list).

    its a bit odd for me… probably has wordpress changed the weblogs.com specification by just doing it wrong with million of weblogs 😉

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