Here’s the dialogue from the video in the previous post. It’s unlike anything else you’ll hear on television, and it demonstrates why The Big Bang Theory is currently my favourite sitcom: I know these guys. I am these guys.

  1. LEONARD: See, the liquid metal Terminators were created in the future by Skynet, and Skynet was developed by Miles Dyson, but that future no longer exists due to Dyson’s death in Terminator 2.
  2. SHELDON: Okay, then riddle me this: assuming all the good Terminators were originally evil Terminators created by Skynet but then reprogrammed by the future John Connor, why would Skynet, an artificial computer intelligence, bother to create a petite, hot seventeen-year-old killer robot?
  3. LEONARD: Skynet is kinky?
  4. SHELDON: Artificial intelligences do not have teen fetishes.
  5. LEONARD: All right, wait, they use it to…
  6. SHELDON: [makes buzzer noise] Too late. I win.

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