Another one bites the dust

Hot on the heels of flaming Mac death, my trusty rusty firewall/mailserver died after a power outage this morning. (Yes, it was hooked up to the UPS. Yes, it shut down cleanly. Yes, when the power had been out for almost an hour I had a flashback to last August 14.) I’m sure it’s just another dead power supply, but again it’s hardly worth replacing, this time due to the age of the machine (hint: it’s a Pentium 120). Fortunately I was able to salvage the hard drive and network cards and install them in one of my other boxes, so the overall downtime was fairly minimal.

Ironically, I’ve been meaning to upgrade the dead box to a recent Linux kernel so I could use some of the more advanced firewalling features; the replacement already had 95% of what I needed, so I actually managed to save myself a few hours.

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