Web work

I’m currently involved, in one form or another, with the development or redevelopment of four websites. Every one of them is stalled in some way.

One, a simple reworking of an existing site, has received an exorbitant quote that’s in danger of being accepted.

One I’ve created myself from scratch, and I’m actually sort of proud of it. It’s completely live except for the home page, which redirects to one of the “social networking” sites, so in effect it doesn’t exist either… and still it’s the very first link for the subject out of the almost 2000 results that Google returns. That one’s been ready to go since Christmas, it’s just proven to be impossible to get the necessary people to review it, let alone approve of its publication; the way things have gone recently I’m wondering if I’ll ever be able to turn it on. Got an answer: nope.

I’ve offered to redevelop another—the live version of which has been dormant for two months—and I’ve even started building it “on spec” so it wouldn’t take as long to ramp up, but it’s been six weeks since I’ve heard anything about it. Movement today.

Worst of all, one is supposedly “live” but has been broken for over a month: links to the new functionality—which were the entire reason for the redevelopment—are pointing to an application that’s completely missing, a big step down from the incomplete version that was present the last time I was able to see it.

If I had more hair, I’d have less of it today.