We got it all on…

The movie “UHF” was released to an unsuspecting public exactly 20 years ago today. #UHF

It sure was. Twenty years ago my friend Bob picked me up on the road in front of my parents’ house—we were in such a hurry, he pulled away before I was fully in the car, which caused me to rip the sole of my shoe as it dragged along the rough asphalt—and tore into London to the Huron Market Place theatre to see a double bill of The Karate Kid, Part III and Al’s magnum opus. (KK3 left so little of an impression in my mind that I had to look up releases from the summer of ’89 to figure out what else was on.) From the shot of the mountain at the beginning to Spatula City to “Supplies!” to “I knew she was gonna say that” I could hardly stop laughing.

Think I’m going to go put in the DVD. Don’t wait up!

One thought on “We got it all on…

  1. I very clearly remember you hopping into his little red hatchback (I think) attempting to get your foot into the car…. seems to me Mom and Dad weren’t impressed *grin* But wow do I feel old now! Haven’t see the movie in ages… might need to find me a copy 😉

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