Halloween update

Some recent events and discoveries of note:

Item: New blogs

My brother has a new domain and a new blog, solar powered sparks. So does my sister-in-law, who’s moved oh my blog over from Blogger. And speaking of Blogger, my coworker Matt is writing up a storm over at Kimota94’s Place.

Item: Work and play

And speaking of Matt and work, he’s posted a couple of times about goings-on at the company, particularly about our adoption of Agile development practices. I don’t have anything quite so salient to put forth, but I thought our work on Project Pumpkin today was sort of clever. I mean, really, we even had burndown charts and a task backlog!

Four iterations of pumpkin development

Sadly, few people in the rest of the company seemed to agree. 🙂

I’m glad that there was some recognition (third place) for Pumpkin Carving, which my friend Vimmy was involved in creating and was my favourite of the lot.

Pumpkins preparing a child to be carved for Halloween

Item: The arts

And what post would be complete without a rundown of the ladies of music and theatre that have kept me out and about? If you’ve been watching the Upcoming.org links in the sidebar you’ll have seen the last two weeks have been jam-packed with visits to see:

  • Angie Nussey. It’s been way too long since she’s been to London, and if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain, the mountain will have to… go to Guelph, apparently! (The mountain also needs to post more about her; she deserves so much more than the three short mentions that have appeared here so far!)
  • Brenda McMorrow and Kristin Sweetland. Two fabulous singer-songwriters in one night, a block and a half from my front door? You bet I was there! Brenda is recently back from a year in Asia, and this was the release party for her love-filled new EP, Infinite Possibilities; Kristin, on the other hand, is currently recording her new CD, which all signs indicate will be even more traditional and mysterious and dark and uplifting as Root, Heart and Crown. Bonuses abounded, including local mandolinisto James Cummins jamming with both ladies and the news that next year’s Ontario Council of Folk Festivals conference will be held right here in London!
  • Briana Brown in Cassandra. Yup, again. I’m not sure what it was about this show—perhaps that heart-wrenching phone call—but I couldn’t get enough of it at the London Fringe Festival, so when I heard Briana and stage manager/designer Katie Horrill were doing one last (?) run I couldn’t resist.
  • Dayna Manning. In Bayfield. Actually, in a really nice venue in Bayfield (pop. 700) called the Black Dog Village Pub and Bistro. I’ve been a fan of Dayna’s for longer than almost anyone else, but I’ve only been lucky enough to get to know her in the last couple of years.
  • Miss Lenni Jabour of The Third Floor. For the most part Lenni’s been performing solo this year, all over Ontario and Quebec and even into the States, in support of Les Dangereuses and in preparation for two more forthcoming CDs; this was the second-last show of her tour, back home at the Drake Hotel Underground. I’ll keep it short and to the point: take everything that I’ve written about Lenni before and double it. Stir in a few hours cavorting around Queen Street West with Miss J and her lovely friends, and you’ve got a recipe for bliss.

Item: No more items

That’s all, folks!

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