The evening after Lenni Jabour, Harmony Trowbridge and Adam Walters performed at the London Music Club in April, I decided to go down to Hamilton to see them perform at a club called Casbah. Opening for them was a striking young woman named Hunter Eves, a local Hamiltonian who (I learned later) has quite a following. She was good—really good—and when we had a chance to talk after Harmony and Lenni’s sets she mentioned she was coming to London in June to perform with her band.

Well, she did… sort of. Due to some sort of last-minute conflict, the band couldn’t actually come to The Last Drop. Rather than do an acoustic set, though, she spent almost 24 straight hours recording and programming parts for her performance.

Hunter’s touring again throughout November, and I’d hoped to see her in town on the 29th… but the date seems to have fallen off her tour schedule. 🙁 Ah well, I’ve always got her CD, Unopened Box, to tide me over until she’s in the area again.