End of an error

The Brunswick Hotel is irretrievably, permanently gone. It’s something of a loss to the local music and historical communities, and the owner deserves the severest punishment available for what he did to the place, but ultimately its demise was long overdue. For six months about a year ago I was there for several hours every Tuesday night in support of a local musician, and even contributed to a drive to get a halfway decent sound system for performances, despite the pervasive stench of urine and the dangerous drunks (most of whom got that way at the Wick’s bar). (The musician eventually gave up the gig, and as far as I know doesn’t perform at all any more, which is a loss for the Canadian music scene.)

Despite the good music it (very) occasionally hosted, the Wick was a smelly, overserving hole—you can insert whatever scatological prefix you’d like—and I’m glad to see it finally gone.

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