CBC podcasts being truncated

In the last few weeks, several CBC podcasts have regularly been truncated in mid-interview or mid-sentence. For example, the As It Happens podcast is one which has been running short: yesterday’s “Best of”, which usually runs near 45 minutes, was cut off just after the 15-minute mark (ironically in a story about amputation). The worst I’ve seen so far is today’s Vinyl Café, which ends after just over a minute—but is nevertheless surrounded by the CBC header and footer bumpers! (Update: looks like the Vinyl Cafe episode has been fixed and re-posted, but still no dice on AIH.)

I reported the problem a few days ago and again today. I haven’t had any response and the problem persists, but with luck someone is on the other end of the contact form and the problem will be resolved before too much longer. I hope they also re-post the files for the incomplete editions. (Update 2: AIH episodes have also been updated, although not re-posted.)

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One thought on “CBC podcasts being truncated

  1. If I find the Ideas podcast is cut short, I’ll let you know.

    It’s a shame the AIH one was cut short. Think of all the puns you missed! 🙂

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