Void where prohibited

Mike sent this to me a while ago, back when it was more à propos to both of our blogs. (Now it’s just relevant to his. *evil grin*) Tonight I decided to post it, but wanted to provide proper credit, as the link he sent had had the copyright info removed. (Ironically, the image was 100 pixels wider than the original and twice as tall, due to extra whitespace that had been added, so it wasn’t simply a bad crop job on the part of whoever uploaded it.) After about ten minutes of searching I came across the source, Hugh MacLeod’s gapingvoid.

Which is a really long introduction to my extremely brief point, which is that three (now four) of my favourite online comics are simple line drawings. xkcd, and explodingdog and Savage Chickens all have a bent sense of humour which I find funny, although they’re all warped in different ways.

Speaking of weird humour, my brother-in-law sent out an animated card this year that is, as my sister puts it, “different”. Happy holidays!

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